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Mooresville’s Block & Grinder closing doors

Block & Grinder, the farm-to-table concept located off Langtree Road in Mooresville, is shutting its doors after less than a year in operation.

In a Charlotte Observe report, executive chef Ben Philpott said the higher cost of locally sourced meats and produce made it difficult for the restaurants to offer competitively priced dishes for which patrons were willing to pay more.

Steaks on the menu topped out at $37 for a bone-in ribeye. The restaurant also offered a butcher case for customers to purchase cook-at-home meats, which amounted to a small percentage of the restaurants’ profits.

In addition to 60 employees that will be out of work, as many as 15 local farms will feel the hit from Block & Grinder’s closing, as the restaurant purchased artisan cheeses, local produce and all-natural beef.

The original Cotswold location in Charlotte is also closing its doors; that location opened in 2013.

Thursday, April 13 will be the last day of operation for both locations.

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